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I’ve been downloading and appreciating the creativity and generosity of members of the tumblr sim community in the shadows for some months now. I notice quite a few creators give thanks when they hit milestones for followers, which is great, it got me wondering though - Does anyone ever celebrate the beginning? I have exactly 0 followers, but I made my first set of custom content paintings for this game and I have a shiny new tumblr so I think it’s something to celebrate.

This is a set of vintage Alphabet lettering great for your industrial, modern, eclectic or rustic spaces. They are faux framed on a two-tile square painting mesh by Orangemittens. The art is from the incredible Spicher and Company.

Download .sims3pack

Well I hope I was able to bring you something useful with this painting set and I have quite a few more works from Spicher and Company and other incredible artists that I would like to bring to the game soon.

Ta ta for now tumblr.

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I’m slowly working my way through the rest of those conversions so in the mean time here’s another modern abstract set of paintings. Some of the art is by Brandi Hofer and three of the paintings are by another artist. If anyone recognizes it please let me know. I saved the images a long time ago and can’t remember. The mesh is by Orangemittens.

— Download

Hopefully the next time we meet I will finally be finished with the Simple Set

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College Style Jacket & Skinny Jeans by lillka

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Modern Retreat - By Sims3time. 1 800 Follower Gift

Hello hello , today I give you a modern house fit for any family. Come equipped with 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , an in foundation basement , swimming pool , and 2 car garage. This house is completely Unfurnished, I may upload a furnished version in the future, not sure.


I had all EP’s installed while building this house except for Seasons and Supernatural. Also the Modern Living stuff pack thing… the first one. :D There should be no store content.. I think.. heehee


Do whatever you’d like with the house just please do not claim it as your own :) Thank you.

In these shots I have the house placed in the world St.Manolia by Minasavenue and it’s on the only 50X50 residential lot there is. You can get the world HERE

Thank you and Enjoy!


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Stucco Family House

Upload of the house I previously put pictures of interior here and here. The upstairs is unfinished and unfurnished. (and there is a tiny bit of wall not painted in the front oops…) It fits nicely in Lucky Palms. (The world I am using is a greener lucky palms)
No cc included, (It was too much CC sorry!) check resource page: .package format goes in Library folder! Enjoy!
[ Download ]

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Finally here’s Callum91’s TS2 Caesar hair converted by TumTum edited by me to enable it for teen females to elder females :3 (that’s a mouthful!)

It has all the original textures and I only take credit for enabling it for females. The .rar contains a link to download the other ages and gender c:



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So, whats gucci simmers! Here’s my first update.

This sim was supposed to be Cara Delevingne, the most fucking perfect model on earth  but… Let’s say that is inspired on Cara.

Comes with a Everyday outfith that looks pretty much like this one: 

♥ skin ♥ beanie ♥ eyebrows ♥ eyes ♥ lips(dry lips) ♥

Download .sim: Dropbox
Contains CC List 

PS: my sliders are from shock&shame list

Tag me if ya download it, and please don’t claim as your own, you can only use as base for personal use. xoxo

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It’s the third day of simblreen and this is my third and final gift! :3 I’m making this one public yaaay.

So a few weeks back, I was searching for a GoT poster when I stumbled across these amazing designs by Tom Gateley! Seriously, go check out his stuff here and his shop here! It’s all amazing ahhhh I want to buy it all.

Anyway, I loved all the posters so much that I translated a few of them into simlish and put them in this frame by the amazing aroundthesims! There are nine houses here all together, and they all have recolorable backgrounds 8) 

All of the credit goes to the amazing Tom Gateley for the artwork, ATS3 for the frame, and immajer for the font.

TOU: No paysites, don’t reupload or claim as your own or anything else asshole-ish.

DOWNLOAD (compressorized, preview, s3p & package included)

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omg i see my pose!!! thank you dear!

so cute~~~~~>///<


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Mesh by Aikea Guinea (I think)

Artwork by MeganLeeStudios

Made with TSR Workshop & Gimp
11 photos
Featuring Benjamin Down and Zenobia by Applekissims, my new save.


Pictures, sims3pack and package files are included in download. Any problems let me know. Do watcha want, just don’t re-upload.